Commercial / Community


  • Flexible Solutions for all types of businesses and communities
  • Completely scalable including grid applications and remote off grid installations
  • Commercial / Community Federal solar incentives available up to 100kW
  • Specializing in Remote Communities, Farms, New Developments, Inner City Commercial and More

Solar Heroes specialize in designing solar solutions for all sizes and types of businesses.  No matter the size or region, we have solutions that will achieve long term financial gains, reliable electricity supply for companies with unreliable grid power and that will help move towards a low carbon footprint.

Our team specialize in both grid connected and remote off grid solutions.  We have assisted remote communities away from costly outdated diesel power plants, power hungry inner city companies towards self generation and utilization, install battery backup systems to help prevent costly stock loss from outages and much more.

We have a dedicated commercial and community division that are ready to speak with you and your financial advisers or stakeholders.  We can detail a cost and benefit analysis tailored to your specific circumstance in order to highlight the relative costs for no action vs. benefit for taking action.

The technology to harvest natural free energy is here, it is now at the right price and makes complete sense to investigate how solar can benefit your company or community.

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