Tesla Powerwall For Australian Solar – Information

Brief Points from Article below:

  • Tesla Powerwall system will not be available in Australia until mid 2017 despite a few test systems installed in residences in Australia
  • Solar Heroes offer same technology (lithium) as the Tesla Powerwall in the system featured and available for sale below.

Thanks Tesla for making Lithium battery storage popular news for Australian’s.  Solar Heroes have been selling lithium storage to Australian households and commercial sites for years and Solar Heroes are happy that Tesla and the media are informing people of the possibility.

Cabinet-Kit-with-10kw-of-Batteries 1

Tesla have announced price tags of $3500 USD for 10kWh and $3000 USD for 7kWh, it has certainly been a hot topic for Australia and the world.

The key point to realize here is that firstly this price is just for the batteries portion of the system and not the inverter or other necessary equipment needed to get the system up and running.  Secondly, this is for deployment in America at American prices.  Lastly, the Tesla Powerwall will not be available in Australia until mid 2017 most likely despite a few test systems installed in residences in Australia.

You can place backorders for the systems to be installed in Australia however the production facility is still yet to cover the demand in the United States let alone being available to ship to Australia.

More on pricing of the Tesla Powerwall shows that it has been said by SolarCity that it would cost an estimated $7340 USD to buy a 7 kWh complete Powerwall and inverter and have it installed, or about $9300 AUD at current exchange rates.  In Australian terms, we then need to consider the costs of products in general in Australia vs. the costs of products in America.  We all know products in general are much cheaper in America.  Therefore, we need to add a buffer to the American pricing estimates for the Powerwall.  We also need to increase the estimated installation costs as well as the cost of labour is much higher in Australia.

The Tesla Powerwall vs. current technology can be explained as follows.  The type of battery is Lithium or LifePO4, which has been on the market for many years already and is currently active in many home battery backup installations.  The rated powerwall (currently powered by Panasonic batteries) continuous use power is 2kW in or out.  This means that if you want to run the kettle while having the washing machine on, you will find the Powerwall will not be able to supply the full demand from the battery and the system will need to turn to grid supplied power to cover the surplus.  Other Lithium systems already on the market have variable power outputs allowing you to choose what size you want.  In otherwords, allowing you to choose how large you would like the opening on the bottle.

So where does this leave you if you want lithium battery power for your home right now?  Well there are plenty of choices at this stage.  You can simply wait until the Powerwall is available to the Australian market.  When will that be?  For the American market, there are reports of around mid 2016 however the production estimates have been sold out for this date therefore pushing the date back further.  So for the Australian time frame we estimate at least mid 2017 if not later.

So the option for people wanting to get solar with lithium battery storage now is that we offer an equivalent 10kWh storage system that uses Lithium, has continuous in and out power capabilities at choices of 1.3kW, 2.6kW or 4.6kW, has blackout protection (which the Tesla Powerwall does not offer) and has flexible settings for charge and discharge times meaning you can charge the batteries without solar using off peak pricing.

For those wanting solar now but want to wait for the Tesla Powerwall, we can install the battery capable hybrid inverter and the other necessary equipment now in preparation for the release of the Tesla battery system.  By doing this you will enjoy the benefits of having solar now but will also enjoy not being in a situation of having to change your essential equipment over to accommodate battery storage when the Tesla Powerwall comes to market.

For our pricing on our systems including full systems with batteries and retrofit to batteries, please visit this page here http://www.solarheroes.com.au/solar-installation-costs-and-advice/


Image of Powerwall equivalent available from Solar Heroes.


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