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Marrickville Council goes solar! | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Marrickville Council goes solar!

20th August 2014

solar rooftop

Marrickville Council will reduce its carbon emissions and save on electricity costs after installing 80 new solar panels on the roof of its Administration Building in Petersham.

“This is the way forward for Council and our community – green power, with massive savings for the environment and our pockets,” said Mayor Jo Haylen.

“In just one week, Council’s Admin building has avoided 320kg of carbon dioxide emissions and generated 450 kWh (kilowatt hours) – an average Australia home uses just 18kWh per day,” Mayor Haylen said.

The new 20kilowatt solar PV system will produce an estimated 30, 000 kilowatt hours per annum.

“The new panels will mean a saving of 31 tonnes of CO2-e every year. That’s equivalent to taking about 7 cars off the road,” Mayor Haylen said.

 “The panels will also produce enough energy to completely power 5 average Australian homes for a year,” she said.

Residents will be able to monitor these savings throughout the year via a digital graph on Council’s website.

“We want to lead by example. And with residents able to visit Council’s website and view the savings being made, they’ll feel more confident in investing in solar power themselves.

“Council is dedicated to supporting the uptake of low carbon, renewable energy in our homes, businesses, streets and public spaces as part our commitment to a more sustainable future,” Mayor Haylen said.

The panels were installed by Solgen, following their work with City of Sydney and Willoughby Councils on similar solar projects.

The benefits of solar power have already been seen at Council’s Chrissie Cotter gallery in Camperdown, whose 1.5 kilowatt solar panels (coupled with LED lighting) have decreased electricity consumption by approximately 45% since their installation in November 2012.