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mFi intellegent technology easily added to any home for online appliance management | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

mFi intellegent technology easily added to any home for online appliance management

19th April 2014

The internet connection for sensors and equipment. The technology of the 21st century.

Remote access? Temperature management? Movement detection? Complete management to your equipment on-line? The mFi system brings a simple and easy solution for all these applications.

The mFi technology gives you all the functions to start using the machine to machine (M2M) communication. Make your own equipment connection; create your own rules and conditions for sensors.

The mFi system works globally thanks to the on-line mFi Cloud service. The mFi is an easy system with a variety of components.

Examples of mFi installations:

  • Turn on/off the heating at variety of temperature points
  • Watch the temperature history data on-line
  • Remote switching of equipment over internet from any place
  • Monitor the proper function of your equipment
  • Measure the consumption of your office, building or single socket
  • Record, view and analyze the recorded data of a variety of sensors
  • Disconnect equipment when certain power is reached
  • Movement detection, turning on-off security hardware
  • Monitor the closing of doors, windows, gates and other entrances

Incorporating the mFi system into your home gives you endless capabilities allowing you to take control of the use of all appliances in your home allowing you to use your energy the most efficient way possible.

Illustration of the online gateway to the mFi system in the home
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