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Clenergy Single Bay Car Port / Pool / Entertaining Area Shade Kit – 2108mm x 1050mm | Off Grid Solar System Specialists - Solar Heroes

Clenergy Single Bay Car Port / Pool / Entertaining Area Shade Kit – 2108mm x 1050mm


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  • Watertight installation available.  Order online or ask our team for a quotation using the button below.  Make sure to include notes in your particular application in the notes section on your request.


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Clenergy PV-ezRack® ezShade is an economical ground mounted system for landscape module installation that provides shelter for parking, swimming pool resting areas, entertainment spaces and more. It is designed for high wind speed and snow loads.

PV-ezRack® ezShade  has many potential applications, from

  • Pergola’s
  • Carport’s
  • Swimming pool shade’s
  • Bus stand shade etc

It can shade an area size of 1 x vehicle and is scalable to multiple vehicles.

Colours available,

  • Silver (Main Product Image)
  • Black (Featured Below)

One can also affix an inverter, battery and EV charge outlet to the side beams to make it a complete charge station.


  • The combination of Clenergy’s patented aluminium base rail, Z-module technology and rail splicing saves you the trouble of on-site cutting for fast installation.


  • The anodised aluminium components combined with this specific structural design result in an optimal balance between aesthetics and cost-effectiveness.


  • Sheltering for residential and commercial projects


  • Watertight installation available.  Ask our team for more informaiton or request quote using the add to cart function above.


  • We offer electric vehicle charging equipment and full installation.


ezRack ezShade Brochure


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