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Fronius Checkbox 500V


2 years warranty

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The Fronius Checkbox 500V guarantees the operational reliability of the Fronius Symo Hybrid with LG Chem RESU H even in exceptional situations. As the battery is designed for 500 V and the inverter is designed for 1000 V, the Fronius Checkbox 500V measures the voltage and disjoins the battery in case of failure.
Max. input current (Idc max) 16 A
Max. input voltage (battery) 500 V
Max. input voltage (inverter) 1000 V
Dimensions (DxWxH) 260 x 205 x 75 mm
Protection class I
Degree of protection IP 65
Installation Indoors and outdoors (wall mounting)
Ambient temperature range -25 to +60C
Permitted humidity 0 100%
Certificates and compliance with standards IEC62109-1
Self-consumption < 2 W
Connection technology MC4 connectors, M6 stud for earthing
Weight 1.34 kg

Fronius Checkbox 500 Installation Instructions