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Fronius Ohmpilot


Continuously adjustable regulation from 0 to 9 kW
Extremely simply installation
Minimum temperature setting
Coordination with other heat sources, e.g. gas water heaters
Combination with heat pumps

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The Fronius Ohmpilot is a consumption regulator designed to use excess solar power to heat water. Thanks to the continuously adjustable regulation from 0 to 9 kW, surplus PV current can be put to highly efficient use and fed to the consumers in the household. The Fronius Ohmpilot is primarily used to intelligently control heating elements for providing hot water in boilers and buffer storage tanks, but can also be used for infrared heating or towel radiators. Solar power can thus provide a family home with average levels of water consumption with most of their hot water. The result is maximum self-consumption, a reduction in the household’s CO2 emissions and less wear on the building’s main heating system during the summer months.

Fronius Ohmpilot Operating Manual

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Frequency (Input)50,0 Hz
Max. input current (Iac max1)
1×16 A / 3×16 A
Input voltage 1)
3~NPE 230 V (400 V)


Max. output power 1)
3 kW / 9 kW (each continuously adjustable)
AC output current (Iac nom1)
1×13 A / 3×13 A
Output voltage 1)
3~NPE 230 V (400 V)
Frequency (Output)50,0 Hz


Type of power regulationPulse width modulation
Height350,0 mm
Width280,0 mm
Depth110,0 mm
Weight3,9 kg
Protection classIP54
InstallationWall mounting
Ambient temperature range0 – 40 °C
Permitted humidity 2)
0 – 99 %
Certificates and compliance with standardsCE, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 300 328