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Pylontech 2.4kW Lithium Battery Module | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Pylontech 2.4kW Lithium Battery Module


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  • The expected design life is up to 15+ years
  • Warranty of 10 years (>6000 cycles with 80% end-of-life capacity)
  • Greater depth of discharge (DOD 90%)
  • Usable capacity of 2.2kWh @ 48VDC
  • Working temperatures of between 0°C to 50°C
  • The internal molecular structure of the LFP batteries is more stable and therefore safer, allowing an increase in the combustion temperature of 600°C compared to 300°C relative to NMC and LCO
  • Advanced BMS that allows you to report alarms in real-time

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The US2000B is one of the first Lithium Batteries sold by Solar Heroes.

Pylontech is a Chinese manufacturer of lithium modules and is one of the first to come to market with a lithium battery offering for home installation.

According to ARENA’s article on the ITP battery test, Pylontech rate in 1st place.

The PylonTech US2000B Plus 2.4 KWH Li-Ion Battery Module 48V is an HESS battery system provided by Pylontech, developed with their own lithium iron phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle. A self designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH.

  • Vertical industry integration ensures more than 4500 cycles with 90% DoD or 6000 cycles at 80% of DOD (please note most devices will set the DOD at 80%)
  • Compact and fashionable design fits in your sweet home environment
  • Modular design gives the end customers the power of choice of capacity
  • Compatible with large number of Hybrid inverters
  • Simple buckle fixing minimize the installation time and cost
  • Safety Cert.TÜV CE UN38.3


Pylontech was founded in 2009 and manufactures LFP batteries for ESS and electric vehicles. The US2000B modules have a nominal capacity of 2.4kWh each and can be scaled to form a larger system.

pylontech_2000_manual Datasheet

Pylontech US2000 – 2.2kWh – 48V
Nominal energy2.4kWh
Usable energy2.2kWh
Nominal voltage48V
Charge/discharge current (recommended)25A
Max charge/discharge current50A
Peak current100A (15 sec)
Nominal voltage51.2V
ChemistryLithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Operating temperature range0 – +50°C
Dimensions2RU 19″ rack mount
Net weight24 kg


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