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Selectronic SelectSun 20kW | Off Grid Solar System Specialists - Solar Heroes

Selectronic SelectSun 20kW


Grid Tie or Battery Storage with the SP PRO
20kW and 40kW models
490 850V MPPT
IP65 rating and no fans
5 Year Warranty

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This exciting new product allows Selectronic Australia to enter the commercial grid tie market and enables significant cost down when designing and installing three phase SP PRO battery systems with managed AC coupling.

The new SelectSun range of 3 phase Solar inverters are equally at home with or without batteries. Available in 20 and 40kW models, SelectSun delivers maximum yield with minimal fuss, no internal fans and an IP65 rating. Rooftop PV, Solar Farms or add Energy Storage with an SP PRO Bi Directional inverter and you will have a system that is flexible enough to tackle On Grid or True Off Grid.

About Selectronic company

Selectronic Australia is one of the largest off grid inverter manufacturers worldwide. Founded in 1964, Selectronic has always been an innovator in the field of power inverters and renewable energies. Selectronic products guarantee a cutting-edge basis for efficient and cost effective solar PV systems.