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Selectronic SP PRO 20kW 120V SPLC 1202 | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Selectronic SP PRO 20kW 120V SPLC 1202


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Selectronic SP PRO Series bi-directional sine wave inverter, single-phase.
100% Australian designed and manufactured.
Low distortion interactive inverter charger with grid feed and grid support ability all in one unit.
Five stage battery charging with a dual float stage and adjustable temperature compensation.
Automatic changeover when grid fails without second inverter

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Selectronic SP Pro works with batteries, solar AC and DC, Hydro, Wind and even fuel generators. Using Selectronic solutions (with MyGrid Kit) you will benefit from an additional 12 months warranty on the inverter.

Selectronic SP Pro works with batteries, solar AC and DC, Hydro, Wind and even fuel generators. Using Selectronic solutions (with MyGrid Kit) you will benefit from an additional 12 months warranty on the inverter. The battery voltage is between 24V and 120V with the continuous output 3kW- 20kW for Single Phase and 9kW – 60kW for Three phase.

About Selectronic company

Selectronic Australia is one of the largest off grid inverter manufacturers worldwide. Founded in 1964, Selectronic has always been an innovator in the field of power inverters and renewable energies. Selectronic products guarantee a cutting-edge basis for efficient and cost effective solar PV systems.

Why to buy Selectronic SP PRO?


.     Energy shifting

.     Charge from grid

.     Fast (<30ms) changeover if grid fails

.     PV continues operating when grid down.

.     PV can charge battery when grid down

.     Highest Grid pass through capacity of any inverter, (15-60kW)

.     Huge peak output capacity.

.     Real Off Grid performance

.     10 year warranty


SP PRO Data Sheet


Technical Data
Maximum AC Load Power from batteries:
30 seconds38.0 kW
1 minute35.0 kW
30 minutes30.0 kW
60 minutes24.0 kW
Continuous20.0 kW
Nominal voltage Off Grid240 V AC configurable 210 to 240 V AC
Total harmonic distortion Off Grid<3% @ 0-200% rated load
Frequency Off Grid50 or 60 Hz +/-0.005% No Grid
Nominal voltage210 +/- 15% to 240 +/- 10% V AC
Nominal input frequency50/60Hz configurable +/- 1% to 10%
AC transfer current capacity125 A  / 30 kW
Max AC input source, (Generator or Grid)30 kW
AC transfer timetypical < 1/2 cycle
Max charging from Grid or Generator20.0 kW / 166 A
Rated DC input / DC voltage range (V DC)120 V / 100 – 170
Battery capacity (range)up to 10, 000 Ah
Peak Efficiency97.20%
DC consumption: idle6 W
Disconnect time if Grid (AC source) fails< 30 ms
DC Circuit Breakers internal2 pole 250A
Operating Temperature Range-10 ˚C to 60 ˚C
Inverter display indicatorscharger status, charge source, usable battery capacity remaining, alarms, AC status.
Renewable charging sourceManaged AC coupling with any Selectronic Certified single phase inverter, DC Renewable charge controller or generic AC coupled
Data logging storageUp to 2.5 years
SP LINK configuration and monitoring softwareIncluded as standard
Ambient temperature operating range-10˚C to 60˚C
Generator BackupInbuilt for off-grid systems
Battery temperature / Mid point battery voltageYes / Yes
Battery CompatibilityHighly configurable battery charging set points allow integration with many battery chemistries including lithium.
Control Inputs4 of, 12V to 60V True, < 3V False
Shunt InputsTwo user definable: Suitable for 25 A – 1000 A current shunts at 25mV – 100mV
Relay Control OutputsRelay: 4 of 60 VDC, 500 mA / Digital: 3 of 60 VDC, 5 mA
Communication Port 1USB (slave) or RS232 (adjustable baud rate of up to 115200)
Communication Port 2RS485 or RS232 (adjustable baud rate of up to 115200)
Dual, Split & Three Phase compatibleYes with an SP PRO AU on each phase
Warranty3 – 10 years (conditions apply see website for details)
Safety – Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)IEC 62040-1-1:2002 / AS 62040-1-1:2003
Safety – Power converters used in PV SystemsIEC 62109-1 and IEC 62109-2
EMC (Industrial limits)EN 61000.6.4:2007
Grid ConnectAS4777.2:2015
CertificationCertificate of Suitability, Ctick
Weight: Packed / Unpacked with wall mount163 kg / 115 kg
Dimensions: Packed / Unpacked h x w x d (mm)1080 x 740 x 650 / 870 x 540 x 290


In Stock