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Quote Number QUOTE-6554
Quote Date January 24, 2024
Total $66,342.83
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Thomas Gibbs
511 Brisbane Ranges Rd
Mount Wallace Victoria 3342
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40Trina 510 Watt 150 Cell VERTEX Mono-PERC 35mm Silver Frame Solar Panel TSM-DE18M(II)-510W
_woo_custom_stock_status_email_txt: In Stock
3SMA SB 5.0 AV 40
_woo_custom_stock_status_email_txt: In Stock
1SMA Sunny Island with SRC 8.0H-12
_woo_custom_stock_status_email_txt: In Stock
2BYD Battery-BOX Premium LVL 15.4 With BMU
_woo_custom_stock_status_email_txt: In Stock
1Clenergy ezShade Double Bay Car Port / Pool / Entertaining Area Shade Kit - 1700mm x 1050mm
_woo_custom_stock_status_email_txt: In Stock
1Wiring & Installation Charges
225Government STC Rebate Credits
Shipping:Free shipping
Payment method:Request Installation Quote (You will receive detailed quotation via email)
Total:$66,342.83 (includes $6,747.08 GST)

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