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Considering Solar Hot Water? Use Home Solar Power Instead of Costly Solar Hot Water Equipment | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Considering Solar Hot Water? Use Home Solar Power Instead of Costly Solar Hot Water Equipment


Are you eyeing solar hot water for your home? Consider this: a full-home solar power system could be your game-changer. Picture this: not only are you heating your water, but you’re also slashing your electricity bill, all while sidestepping the high costs of solar hot water equipment, tubes, and labor.

With a comprehensive solar power system, you’re killing two birds with one stone: reducing your home’s electricity consumption and connecting your electric hot water tank to a green power source. And here’s the cherry on top: government rebates for main solar power systems are significantly more generous, with up to $4,000.00 available compared to a mere $1,000.00 for solar hot water systems.

One installation, one cost. You’ll have sleek solar panels on your roof, maximizing your roof space and enhancing your home’s aesthetic. Solar hot water panels and tubes? They just clutter your roof and disrupt the neat arrangement of your main solar power panels.

Let’s visualize. Imagine a house, its roof dominated by a solar hot water system dedicated solely to heating water. Beside it, 10 x 250-watt panels churn out 2.5kW of power. On the east-facing side, another 8 x 250-watt panels add 2kW to the mix. That’s a total of 4.5kW from both arrays. In sunny Queensland, these main solar power panels can deliver a daily average of between 22kW and 26kW for the household to utilize.

solar hot water


Now, ponder this: why pay twice for labor, inviting a solar hot water specialist to install a device that serves only one purpose – heating water? Instead, why not channel your resources more efficiently? By simply adding another 10 panels to your existing solar power system, you could avoid the extra costs of equipment and labor. It’s a smarter, more streamlined approach to harnessing solar energy, just as shown below. Isn’t it time you let the sun do more for you?




By opting for more solar panels instead of a standalone solar hot water system, you’re not just saving on installation labor and expensive equipment. You’re also boosting your power generation with an extra 10 x 250-watt panels – that’s a whopping additional 2.5kW. Translated to daily use, this means an extra 15kW for your house, including your electric hot water tank. This house now boasts 28 x 250-watt panels, totaling an impressive 7kW! Starting to see the light?

And here’s something for those of you grappling with solar capacity limitations from your energy retailer: you can actually add more panels above the limit, directly heating your hot water using a direct connection to your solar hot water tank.

In short, a comprehensive solar power system is truly a smarter choice compared to a standalone solar hot water system.

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