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About Us



Solar Heroes was formed by a partnership of specialists from the off grid and battery based solar industry in 2009.  Our partners discovered a large shortage of companies in Australia being able to offer sound, easy to understand, honest solutions to solar shoppers; especially when it came to batteries and off grid systems.  This coupled with a drive to ensure all customers have their questions answered and needs met, we intend to be the foremost go to point for people to finally find the information they are looking for which previously was very difficult in the solar industry.


Of course, we also want to make the world a better place and make our friends and family and the rest of people happier, healthier and have better lifestyles.  Our primary aim is to be a good member of the community, look after our planet and to be ethical in all the decisions we make.

Our staff and the partnering companies that we work with are all considered close friends and family and we also consider our customers as members to that friendship and family base as well.

We are not a telemarketing company.  Our sales channels are inbound only.  We do not door knock and we do not make outbound unsolicited telephone calls.  All information provided to Solar Heroes is treated as strictly confidential and is not sold or given to third party companies.


Although we appear as a large company servicing the entire nation of Australia, we take special care to ensure our customers experience a personalised warm interaction with our company.  We achieve this by allocating one representative as the direct contact point for each customer based on their phone numbers and locations.  This means our customers will not get through to a different person each time which often can be frustrating.

The way in which we employ our staff is rather different than most solar companies because we profit share with every level employee that works with us on top of their normal hourly and salary wages.  We do not pay our staff based on commissions nor do we encourage unnecessary upselling beyond what is best for our customers.  We have a culture of fun, family, and friendship where honesty and integrity come naturally and this is evident in all facets of the organization.

From an organizational standpoint, we also use a software that allows all members within our staff base to see all customer files, installation progress and communications from every level.  This allows our staff to work collectively to efficiently see that all Solar Heroes customers needs are met and by the timeline expected.  This system also encourages fun competition among our staff and rewards with generous profit sharing models.  For those who would like to know more about the system we are using for this, please check 

It may be a surprise, but even some staff at Solar Heroes have actually started out as customers.  Many who have solar systems installed or take part within the renewables industry understand how exciting it is to be part of such a positive, innovative, industry.  If you would like to know more about our company or would like to inquire about becoming part of the Solar Heroes family, we encourage you to please contact us.