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Off Grid Bundled Solar Packages

Updated 12th July 2023

Please select a package from the options below to view additional details and pricing. You can also customize the equipment by selecting different brands and quantities to see how the prices vary accordingly.

Please note that the package title remains the same for packages with selectable options, regardless of any modifications you make to the items or quantities. However, the checkout/quote summary will accurately reflect your selected items. No need to worry, the summary is what matters to us, not the title.

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We offer custom packages for residential, commercial, and farm sizes, specifically designed for areas with limited or no access to grid power. Our off-grid systems provide 100% reliability by utilizing a comprehensive range of equipment. This is particularly beneficial for remote locations where grid infrastructure is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive to install.

When selecting an off-grid system, it is essential to consider your specific electrical consumption patterns to ensure optimal design and functionality. Many individuals opt for off-grid systems when no other viable options exist or when the associated costs are more affordable compared to the expenses of extending power poles to the property.

At Solar Heroes, we offer a diverse selection of cutting-edge equipment and battery options. Our team specializes in tailoring systems to meet the unique needs of each customer. Featured above are just a few examples of our most popular packages.

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