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On Grid Bundled Packages

Updated 7th June 2021

Grid connected systems tie in with the existing home grid electricity supply. Even though this is the cheapest system available initially, and has been the most popular system to install, the electricity saved and the respective cost savings are the least and therefore is the least recommended by Solar Heroes.

Benefits of this system are dependent on the size of system installed vs electricity usage and the current available feed in tariffs and government incentives.

Recently government tariffs and incentives have been significantly reduced and in many cases removed all together leaving grid tied customers having to shop around and negotiate their own feed in tariffs with privatized utility providers.

It is important for people considering a solar installation to understand what incentives and rebates are available to them at the time of consideration. It is also important to have an understanding of the relationship between their electricity use and the sun’s power generation capabilities and the respective costs associated.

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