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Commercial Bundled Packages

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  • Flexible Solutions for all types of businesses and communities
  • Specialist management consultancy team that provide energy and carbon advisory services throughout Australia
  • Strengthened relationships with industry agencies to accelerate and streamline the transition
  • PPA Modelling, Policy advice, Financial advice, Efficiency measuring, Carbon Modelling, Reporting and Compliance advice
  • Completely scalable solutions including grid hybrid applications and remote off grid installations
  • Commercial / Community Federal solar incentives available up to 100kW



We specialize in designing solar solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. Regardless of the size or location, our solutions are tailored to achieve long-term financial gains and provide a reliable electricity supply. We can assist companies facing unreliable grid power and help them transition towards a low carbon footprint.

Our team is skilled in both grid-connected and remote off-grid solutions. We have helped remote communities move away from costly, outdated diesel power plants, enabled power-hungry inner-city companies to generate their own energy, and installed battery backup systems to prevent costly stock losses during outages, among other accomplishments.

With a dedicated commercial and community division, we are prepared to collaborate with you and your financial advisors or stakeholders. We can provide a detailed cost and benefit analysis specific to your circumstances, highlighting the comparative costs of taking action versus inaction, and clearly outlining payback period timelines.

The technology to harness natural, free energy is here and now, available at the right price. It’s time to explore how solar energy can benefit your company or community.

If your company needs assistance or advice in transitioning to renewable energy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our specialist management consultancy team offers energy and carbon advisory services throughout Australia. We provide cost-benefit analyses to identify potential opportunities for on-site solar or wind installations, as well as the option to purchase renewable energy certificates from local wind or solar farms. Such initiatives provide long-term risk management for corporations in the face of uncertain future price increases.

Solar Heroes has access to the Business Renewables Centre Australia, which facilitates a streamlined and accelerated path toward the best renewable alternatives for companies and corporations.

For corporations seeking further guidance on the journey towards 100% renewables, we recommend contacting us directly or seeking information from the organizations listed below.


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