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Virtual Power Plant Package Battery Upgrades Available

12th May 2020

Multiple states across Australia have been given the opportunity to be a part of the government backed virtual power plant package offering.

Companies including Origin Energy, AGL and various others electricity retailers in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland are now offering battery discounts to customers who currently have a solar array on their roof and customers who are interested in purchasing a full system.

The system includes a pre-packaged BYD battery box.  What most of the retailers don’t offer is battery upgrades to increase your battery size.  The BYD packages the retailers are offering are made up of “plug and play” battery modules.  Solar Heroes offer the modules for individual purchase to “beef up” the preset packages offered by the retailers.  What this means is that you can pump up the storage and availability of your electricity available within the VPP contract to maximise savings and returns.  Customers will find greater arbitrage capability when increasing their battery capacity.

Under the VPP program, customers will need to contact their electricity retailer to discuss their suitability to join the VPP program.  Once approved, it is likely customers will be asked to enter a fix term contract in order to secure the battery discount.

Customers now have a variety of choices to either join the VPP program or purchase the batteries outright to enjoy the full benefits.  The main point of this article is to highlight the availability of battery module upgrades for the fixed size systems and offer complete battery systems for outright purchase.

Switchdin have a rather detailed blog post for those who would like more detailed information on the VPP program.  For those wishing to find out more about purchasing the power plants outright are welcome to get in contact with us or visit the store and search “BYD” or “Battery”.  The store contains detailed product information, specifications and also includes pricing.