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Community farm adds wind turbine, battery to slash energy costs by $20,000 a year | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Community farm adds wind turbine, battery to slash energy costs by $20,000 a year

15th November 2023

The City of Casey in Victoria has installed a small wind turbine at a working community and children’s farm that is expected to slash the facility’s annual energy costs by $20,000 a year – money that can be redirected to the animals and to educational programs.

The 5kW wind turbine was installed at Myuna Farm, in Melbourne’s outer south-east, alongside a 13.2kW battery energy storage system (storage duration not specified), the City of Casey announced last week.

The wind turbine, supplied by Morwell-based Alternative Energy Innovations, stands on a locally made 17 metre tower and is, according to the council, one of the most efficient small wind turbines available.

The system adds to Myuna Farm’s existing 30kW solar system, as well as real time electricity monitoring, energy efficient LED lighting, insulation upgrades and electric vehicle chargers – the City of Casey’s first public EV charging point.

ev charger myuna farm
Image: Myuna Farm Facebook

“Between 2004 and 2023, energy saving projects at the farm have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 84 per cent and, importantly, halved the energy bills despite rising energy costs,” said Glenn Patterson, City of Casey CEO.

“The wind turbine will continue to decrease Myuna Farm’s reliance on traditional energy sources further supporting energy cost reductions.

“This, in turn, allows Myuna Farm to allocate more resources towards the care and conservation of the farm animals and the enhancement of its popular educational programs.”

Patterson says the addition of the wind turbine and battery storage system also represents the council’s continued commitment to environmental sustainability.

“And we hope it inspires community members to embrace renewable energy solutions,” he adds.

Council says the wind turbine will be accompanied by interactive displays and informational signage to provide the farm’s more than 180,000 visitors a year with insights into the installation.