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Finance Now Available For All Our Solar Packages | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Finance Now Available For All Our Solar Packages

Solar Heroes are now delighted to offer our customers the option of paying for their solar installation with finance options up to a 5 year period.




Electricity prices are increasing on a yearly basis.  By having solar power you can reduce your electricity bills and reliance of the grid.

Our solar packages coupled with our finance options will allow households and businesses ​to install solar and energy solutions for $0 upfront.

Once completed, the new electricity bill coupled with the low monthly repayment plans should be lower than the total sum of the old electricity bill you would have paid.


How it works:
  • Once we establish which package best suits you, ask us about our finance options
  • Our finance team will call you to make the application over the phone
  • Once approved, our finance team will notify us that your application was successful
  • The order for equipment will be created and our installation team notified
  • Installation team will get in contact with you to arrange installation date
  • Payment to Solar Heroes will be released once confirmation from you is made that the installation was completed as planned.


Monthly Loan Repayment Example:



Community First Credit Union – Community First Credit Union is recognized as a true green and sustainable company that supports finance solutions for solar energy solutions and much more.


Another finance option is adding the cost of the system to your home loan


Another low interest alternative is to add the cost of a solar panel system system to your home loan.  This can be the best alternative as your interest rate achieved with your home mortgage is often the lowest rate available.

It is also very likely that you will find the savings from your power bill with your new solar energy system will be greater than the small amount added to your regular mortgage payment.

Solar Heroes recommend that customers considering adding the cost of their solar energy system to consult their mortgage broker or bank manager for further consultation.

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