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How to maximise your solar feed in tariff paid to you

There has been many changes to how owners of solar have been compensated over the years and there are plenty more changes to come.  Some have been offered the premium feed in tariff of 66c per kW while others have been offered one for one.  These generous feed in pricing structures have allowed Australians to significantly reduce their electricity bills and save thousands over the years.  Sadly the days of generous compensation available for solar owners is over.

These days if you decide to purchase a standard grid feed system, you will find there will be offerings of 6-8c by the electricity retailer if you are lucky.  Others will find they are left to fend for themselves to negotiate by back prices.  Does this leave a sour taste in your mouth?  Well it does to us so we have come up with a solution to offer to customers interested in maximizing their solar feed in tariff and reducing their peak usage.

The system involves incorporating batteries with your solar system.  By doing so, you are freeing up solar generated power to be sold back to the grid instead of being consumed by your house.  Also, on cloudy periods throughout the day, your house power needs will be supplied by the batteries instead of the grid therefore significantly reducing your bill and allowing you to save a bundle.  Not only will you be saving during the day but as the sun goes down, instead of turning to grid power, your home will be supplied by batteries until empty at which point your home will then be using grid power.  Lastly, your home will have power for key circuits during periods of blackouts or power outages.

Here is an infographic showing a visual representation of how the system works.



As you can see, these systems are put together using cutting edge technology using lithium (LifePO4) as the battery choice and also incorporating latest reporting technology both on each battery cell and transmitted over wifi to your portable mobile device or PC.

For customers on the premium feed in tariff, adding a secondary off grid solution with a completely new set of solar panels will dramatically increase the payments made by the electricity retailer.  This is because we will be taking all the load away from the existing high paying system and will then attach the loads to our off grid solution.  By doing this you do not affect your premium feed in tariff agreements because there is no application needed to the electricity retailer to install this system because it is an off grid system.  What happens when the off grid batteries become depleted?  Will your house appliances suddenly turn off?  No they will not, as mentioned above, the all in one off grid solutions have a AC input which means that we will connect the off grid solution to be able to recharge the batteries from the grid if there is not sufficient solar generation or during evening hours.  Customers on a typical premium feed in tariff of 66 cents with a 5kW system can see payments from the electricity retailer of up to a value of $5,000.00 per year when they add a full secondary off grid system.  This makes for a very easy three year payback at which point they then have a free second system with batteries to protect them from when the premium feed in tariff ends!

For information on our off grid pricing and information see this page


Example-Install 1


With the technology available today and the very affordable pricing, there is no reason to not install a solar with battery system to maximize your long term electricity expenses.



Your solar with battery system will be accessible by you no matter where you are or what device you choose to monitor your system with.  View live data regarding your generation, storage state and also historical logs with charting capabilities.  Take hold of your patterns of electricity use and familiarize yourself with what is really happening with your electricity.


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