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Longi Solar 430w Hi-MO 6 Explorer LR5-54HTB-430M Full Black Mono Solar Panel | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Longi Solar 430w Hi-MO 6 Explorer LR5-54HTB-430M Full Black Mono Solar Panel


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Mono, 430W, 108 cells, 1500V, 30mm black frame, black backsheet, cable 1200mm(+/-), MC4 EVO2

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The LONGi Solar 430W Hi-Mo6 HPBC Mono Solar Module in Full Black improves power generation capacity by providing a greater power to size ratio. Excellent performance levels at 22% efficiency.

  • HPBC cell efficiency is higher than 25%
  • Full black modern aesthetic
  • Improved power generation capacity with HPBC cells and modules upgrade

LONGi Hi-MO 6 is a new product family based on efficient HPBC cell technology. It has the characteristics of aesthetic, efficiency, reliability and intelligence.

Hi-MO 6 has been greatly upgraded in appearance, performance, reliability and intelligent optimization function with HPBC high-efficiency cell. In terms of appearance, Hi-MO 6 simplifies the complexity and redefines the aesthetic concept of photovoltaic modules.In terms of performance, Hi-MO 6 greatly improves the photoelectric conversion capacity of the module by comprehensive optimization. In terms of reliability, HPBC cell adopts full back welding technology to effectively improve the resistance to micro cracking of modules.


Longi Solar Hi-MO 6 Explorer LR5-54HTB-430M Full Black Mono Solar Panel Datasheet



Length without packaging (mm)1722
Width without packaging (mm)1134
Height without packaging (mm)30
Weight (kg)20.8
Product warranty (yr)25
Performance warranty (yr)25
Power rating Pmax (Wp)430
Nominal current Impp (A)12.97
Short circuit current Isc (A)14
Nominal voltage Umpp (V)33.16
Open circuit voltage Uoc (V)39.43
Max. system voltage (V)1500
Temperature coefficient Isc (%/°C)0.05
Temperature coefficient Pmpp (%/K°C)-0.29
Temperature coefficient Uoc (%/°C)-0.23
Cell typeMonocrystalline
Number of cells (pcs)108
Frame colourBlack
Type of DC connectionMC4 EVO2
Lenght of cables (cm) minus120
Length of cables (cm) plus120



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