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Tindo Karra 410w Solar Panel 410 Mono PERC


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Introducing the Tindo Karra range – more than just another solar panel


Harnessing the brilliance of high-end design and technical prowess, the Tindo Karra photovoltaic module is no ordinary solar panel. It’s an alchemy of innovative materials, brought together to form the pinnacle of solar technology.

Introducing our latest marvel – the Tindo Karra-410W PERC monocrystalline. Crafted to power your world more efficiently, it’s designed to deliver more punch in less space, all while being incredibly cost-effective. This powerhouse module isn’t an overnight success story. It’s a testament to relentless innovation, painstakingly brought to life through collaborations with premier Australian universities and local partners. Experience the power of the sun, redefined by Tindo.


Everybody should have a panel this advanced.

Welcome to the future of sustainable energy, where every Tindo Karra-410W PERC MONO solar panel is expertly crafted in our state-of-the-art Mawson Lakes manufacturing facility, located right here in Australia. We stand by our products so much that we openly invite industry professionals and future clients to schedule a visit. Witness first-hand the intricate process of our solar panel creation – it’s something you won’t want to miss.

Get ready to fall in love with Tindo Karra, the world’s most stunning solar panel.

We’ve crafted a module without making any compromises. We’ve partnered with global leaders in the solar industry who cherish their esteemed reputations as much as we value ours. Being in association with them is a matter of pride for Tindo Solar.

Our Tindo Karra 410 W Mono PERC solar panel is an epitome of innovation and efficiency. High voltage-rated (up to 1500V), equipped with 10 Busbar technology, and crafted with larger M10 mono cells – this solar panel is designed for longevity. Its easy-to-handle 40mm frame ensures effortless installation. Indeed, an Australian-made solar panel that’s built to endure.

Our Promise

With Tindo Karra solar modules, we guarantee at least 25 years of stellar, long-term performance – a testament to Tindo Solar’s unflinching commitment to quality. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that “Australian Made” symbolizes unparalleled endurance.

After a decade in production, Tindo’s module fleet failure rate outperforms competitors by an astounding 200-fold. That’s why we’ve upgraded our product warranty from 12 to 25 years. Our warranty is straightforward, customer-friendly, and designed to offer long-term peace of mind.

Production Line

Our sophisticated 160MW capacity production line, located in Adelaide, South Australia, is as cutting-edge as it gets. Fully automated, it’s a beacon of quality control and state-of-the-art engineering.


Every material we use in the creation of our Karra modules undergoes meticulous testing to validate its suitability. We push our materials – glass, film, junction boxes, and more – to their limits, assessing their resilience individually and in tandem with other elements.

We push boundaries in manufacturing and strive for nothing less than excellence. Our materials are rigorously tested – mechanically, electrically, thermally, and visually. This intensive process ensures that only the most exceptional materials find their way into our Karra solar modules. Because at Tindo, we believe in delivering nothing but the best.

What’s the Big Deal with Busbars?

Ever wondered why the number of busbars is a talking point? More busbars translate to shorter distances between them, effectively reducing internal resistance losses. The smaller gaps also minimize the negative impacts of potential micro-cracks in the cells.

The advantage? Modules containing multi-busbar cells guarantee increased long-term reliability, improved all-weather energy conversion efficiency, and a higher annual yield. This means that in real-life conditions, 10BB modules should outperform modules with fewer busbars of the same output.

Introducing M10 Cells

Meet the M10 cells – the newest generation of large-format solar cells. These larger cells allow a higher percentage of the module surface to generate power, offering more power from the same-sized module.

The result? A more price-competitive, reliable module than other multi-wire modules. Plus, it’s a better-looking module with less backsheet showing.

40mm Frame Black Anodized Aluminium

Quality construction begins with quality material. Our modules are always precisely constructed, made to last, and look great from day one and for its lifetime. No sharp corners and touch-up paint in production – we’ve taken care of the details.

MC4-EVO 2 Staubli Connectors

We’ve updated the traditional MC4 connectors on the Karra 410W module to MC4 EVO 2 Staubli connectors. This upgrade elevates the panel’s rating to 1500V, making it perfect for both commercial and residential applications.

These connectors are suited for all climatic environments, thanks to their resistance to UV, ammonia, salt mist spray, and a high IP class (IP68).

Commitment to Quality

At Tindo, we are committed to offering an Australian product that stands up against any panel globally. We have taken significant measures to ensure the quality and reliability of our panels. Tindo is Made for Life.

Electroluminescence Testing

Surface visual testing of solar panels doesn’t offer enough quality assurance for a module. There can be numerous defects in a solar cell, such as:

Cracks caused during production or transportation
Fingerprints left behind during the cell grid printing
Micro-cracks from heat stress during stringing
Cracks from faulty handling in the production line
Defective contact points between ribbons and cells
These defects can significantly degrade a module’s quality. While modules may initially produce adequate output, cracks can cause substantial output reductions or loss of production over time.

That’s why Tindo uses an Electroluminescence (EL) Tester on each panel we produce. This system provides a reliable quality control system, detecting all defects. As the end consumer, you can rest assured that your panels will maintain their output well into the future.


Flash Testing

As a final, critical step in the production process, every Tindo panel undergoes Flash Testing. What does that mean? During this test, the panel is exposed to a bright flash of light from a xenon-filled arc lamp. The light spectrum of this lamp closely mimics the spectrum of the sun, ensuring the most accurate testing conditions.

The output from this flash test is meticulously validated to confirm that the solar panel performs precisely as its specifications suggest. Our commitment to excellence is unyielding – we will only send a panel out to you, the consumer, if we are wholly satisfied that the panel performs at the level indicated on its nameplate. With Tindo, you receive precisely what you sign up for, no exceptions.

Visual Inspection

At Tindo, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring our panels are truly Made for Life. We employ several visual inspection points throughout the manufacturing process.

These include:

  • Inspection to ensure there are no air bubbles or blisters in the lamination process
  • Verifying that the junction box has been correctly sealed to the module’s back
  • Checking that the framing has formed a watertight seal to protect the cells

Our rigorous visual inspection process is designed to guarantee the quality and longevity of your Tindo solar panel.




Mechanical Characteristics
Cells per panel108 Half Cells
Cell TypeMono-crystalline PERC (182x182mm)
Panel Dimension (Lx Wx Hx)1731 x 1149 x 40mm
Panel Weight21.5 Kg
Front GlassFully tempered ARC Glass (High Transmission)
FrameBlack Anodized Aluminum Alloy (T6)
Junction BoxWith bypass diode / IP68 rated
Connector TypeKST4-EV02(M), KBT4-EVO2(F) /Stabli-MC4

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