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Longi Solar 440w Hi-MO 6 Scientist LR5-54HTH 440M Solar Panel | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

Longi Solar 440w Hi-MO 6 Scientist LR5-54HTH 440M Solar Panel


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mono, 440W, 108 cells, 1500V, 30mm black frame, white backsheet, cable 1200mm(+/-), MC4 EVO2

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Introducing the LONGI HI-MO 5 PERC Mono 550W Silver, the ultimate solution for those seeking top-of-the-line solar power. With its advanced PERC mono technology, this solar panel delivers unrivaled efficiency, producing up to 550W of power while minimizing energy loss and maximizing performance. The sleek silver design adds to its modern and sophisticated appearance, making it the perfect choice for any home or business looking to make a long-lasting investment in renewable energy. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy costs, or simply enjoy the benefits of sustainable living, the LONGI HI-MO 5 PERC Mono 550W Silver is the ideal choice.


High Power

• 440W front power and 23% module efficiency

• Experience better energy generation performance, ensuring that you maximize the solar potential and optimize your electricity production.

High Reliability

• With a robust anodized aluminium alloy frame, single glass coated tempered glass, and IP68-rated junction box, this solar panel is built to withstand various environmental conditions.

• Maximum static load on the front (such as snow and wind): 5400Pa

• Maximum static load on the back (such as wind): 2400Pa

• Hail test: Diameter 25 mm, impact speed 23 m/s

High Energy Regeneration

• High-efficiency Cells : The HPBC cell efficiency is higher than 25.5%.

• Efficient Cell Orientation: Boasting a cell orientation of 108 (6×18), the LR5-54HTH-440M is engineered for efficiency, harnessing sunlight with precision.

• Improves power generation capacity greatly with comprehensive upgrade of HPBC cells and modules.

• Simplifies the complexity and redefines the aesthetic concept of photovoltaic modules.


Longi Solar 440w Hi-MO 6 Scientist LR5-54HTH 440M Solar Panel Datasheet



Length without packaging (mm)1722
Width without packaging (mm)1134
Height without packaging (mm)30
Weight (kg)20.8
Product warranty (yr)25
Performance warranty (yr)25
Power rating Pmax (Wp)440
Nominal current Impp (A)13.24
Short circuit current Isc (A)14.3
Nominal voltage Umpp (V)33.24
Open circuit voltage Uoc (V)39.53
Max. system voltage (V)1500
Temperature coefficient Isc (%/°C)0.05
Temperature coefficient Pmpp (%/K°C)-0.29
Temperature coefficient Uoc (%/°C)-0.23
Cell typeMonocrystalline
Number of cells (pcs)108
Frame colourBlack
Type of DC connectionMC4 EVO2
Lenght of cables (cm) minus120
Length of cables (cm) plus120


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