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SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK3 150-20 | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK3 150-20


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-High power density with 150 kW thanks to its compact structure
-Flexible DC solutions with customer-specific PV array junction boxes
-Ergonomic handling and simple connection for quick installation
-Innovative digital features aligned with the energy management platform ennexOS

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SMA Sunny Highpower Peak3 SHP 150-20 – Tailored to the unique needs of utilities with up to 150 kW from the pioneer of PV power plant systems

Get large-scale projects up and running easily.
1500 VDC , 150 kW, compact design

SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK3 stands for pure power. With its compact design, the inverter offers the highest power density per device. The advantages: optimal performance at a light weight. The result is cheaper transportation and easier installation. In combination with the project-specific DC Combiner Boxes, the PV array can be oversized up to 150 %. The ennexOS Data Manager completes the system and enables it to fulfill all of the grid operator’s requirements.

Maximum safety & reliability

The PEAK3 inverter focuses on what is most important – maximum yield and optimal plant availability. All features and components are custom-tailored in order to keep the weight down, to minimize potential error sources and to maximize efficiency. Proven technologies such as the active cooling system SMA OptiCool ensure a long lifetime of the inverters.

Flexible, easily scalable plant design

The PEAK3 system solution combines the advantages of a decentralized system layout with those of the central inverter concept. The DC Combiner Boxes enable efficient planning and easy expansion of large-scale solar plants even on heterogeneous terrain. Thanks to the modular approach, projects can be scaled both in terms of power and function. This means maximum flexibility in the plant design.

Ready for the digital energy world of tomorrow

The PEAK3 system solution is ready for ennexOS, SMA’s pioneering digital platform. ennexOS converges the data of all relevant energy sectors to realize modern, forwardlooking products in the energy industry. The platform is gradually extended and currently offers powerful features such as satellite-based performance ratio monitoring.

Fast installation, easy commissioning

The PEAK3 system solution offers smart functionalities for quick and safe installation of all devices. Ergonomic grips and the integrated hook-in mechanism simplify the mounting of the inverters. Large, stiff DC cables can be conveniently routed via a separable connection plate and allow hassle-free connection. A single ennexOS SMA Data Manager M enables up to 200 inverters to be commissioned centrally in just a few minutes.

Efficient control, convenient monitoring

Each device can be controlled directly via reliable, fast Ethernet communication between Data Manager and inverter. The entire plant portfolio can be centrally monitored with the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. Changes to the configuration are easily made across plants without setting up multiple VPN connections. Additional monitoring systems can access all devices via the open Modbus / TCP interface.

The future-proof solution that grows with your requirements

More than 20 years of utility experience have gone into the development of the PEAK3 system solution. Central handling, decentralized system and a modular concept – that’s exactly what makes PEAK3 so convincing. The powerful supplements help you get the most out of large PV plants.

PEAK3 – Exactly what is needed to meet the highest demands for maximum yield.


Designed for commercial and utility applications
Suitable for high-voltage batteries up to 1500 V
Scalable solution for storage and solar-plus-storage plants
SMART CONNECTED for Utility Plants

Free and automatic inverter monitoring by SMA
Proactive communication by e-mail in the event of faults
Lower lifecycle service costs – no on-site diagnosis needed
SMA Engineering Services

Comprehensive consulting by technical experts from early project stages
Static generator evaluation including load flow and short-circuit analysis
Optimization of plant behavior in systems with extended SMA Data Manager
Additional Products

Weather Station: Professional measuring equipment for synchronous logging of temperature, relative humidity and irradiance
Remote I/O: The preconfigured I/O systems are perfectly coordinated with ennexOS and can be easily integrated into a system
Decentralized solution with up to 150 kW for large-scale PV power plants

Thanks to an intelligent system structure, all inverters and the ennexOS Data Manager are installed centrally. The DC Combiner Boxes are distributed in the field. The result: maximum performance, improved installation and maintenance, cost-optimized cabling.


Operating Instructions


DIMENSIONS77 × 83 × 44.4 cm
PHASEThree Phase


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