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GoodWe 5.4kW LYNX Home U Series IP65 Low Voltage Battery LXU5.4-L | Solar Heroes - Battery Hybrid, Off Grid & Grid Connect Solar System Specialists

GoodWe 5.4kW LYNX Home U Series IP65 Low Voltage Battery LXU5.4-L


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  • Sizeable to maximum 32.4kWh (6 x 5.4kWh)
  • Wall-mounted/Ground-mounted
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Independent Operation in Parallel
  • Install Anywhere Anyhow
  • Great User Experience

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GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series is especially designed for residential applications with superior performance, super safe battery technology and user-friendly interaction.

This battery optimizes cost performance thanks to its expandable modular design. Up to six battery packs can be connected to work in parallel so that any malfunction in one single battery does not affect the rest of the system.

The GoodWe Lynx Home U series battery is designed for residential applications. The battery boasts an IP65 protection class and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Up to six battery units can be connected in parallel to one inverter. The usable storage capacity can be extended from 4.8 to 28.8 kWh. The system is activated via the PV Master App.


Product advantages:

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • For floor and wall installation
  • Emergency power capable (power depends on inverter type)
  • 10-year performance guarantee
  • Plug and play
  • Wall bracket included
  • Max. six LX U5.4-L batteries can be connected in parallel


Product features Lynx Home U – LX U5.4-L

  • Usable battery capacity: 4.8 kWh
  • Charge/discharge capacity: 2.88 kW Max.
  • Charge/discharge current: 50 A
  • Communication: CAN Temperature range: Discharge: -10°C – 50 °C
  • Temperature range: Charging: 0°C – 50°C
  • Dimensions: 570 x 505 x 175 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 57.0 kg
  • IP: 65
  • Product warranty: 10 years


Compatible with Goodwe Inverter Models
ES Series
EM Series
BP Series
SBP Series


Goodwe Lynx Home U Series Low Voltage Battery Datasheet


About GoodWe

GoodWe is a leading, strategically-thinking enterprise which focuses on research and manufacturing of PV inverters and energy storage solutions. With an average monthly sales volume of 30,000 pieces in 2018 and 12 GW installed in more than 100 countries, GoodWe solar inverters have been largely used in residential rooftops, commercial systems, and energy storage systems. GoodWe ranked as World Top 10 solar inverter manufacture by Bloomberg, IHS & GTM.  GoodWe benchmarks its success on the success achieved by its customers by identifying and integrating the most advanced components and techniques available while offering an unparalleled after-sales service.

GoodWe has set up an integrated service system for pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale and has established service centers worldwide. The company has developed a concept of workshops which aim to offer global support to all customers including project consulting, technical training, onsite support and after-sales service.

As a stable, bankable company, GoodWe has built its corporate reputation by achieving sustainable growth in every market it operates in. A prudent, step-by-step approach of strategic growth and consolidation offers longevity, profitable growth and increased market share; a business model also adopted by some of the world’s leading renewable companies.



DIMENSIONS50.5 × 17.5 × 57 cm


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